Cadillac cares.
We are here and ready to help.

Dear Cadillac Customer,

Your vehicle is an integral part of your life and livelihood. In trying times like these, we’re faced with many uncertainties. One thing that’s certain however, is that we’ve got your back.

That’s why, and as long as we are legally able to, we’re offering you an extension on your vehicle limited warranty for two months1 along with complimentary Road Side Assistance2 for the next three months3, rest assured. You’re in good hands.

As always, cad‌ill‌ac‌arab‌ia.‌c‌om and your Cadillac Dealer are your best resources for products and programs, and if you have any immediate questions, feel free to contact us through our online chat or the Customer Communication Center at:

Contact Center

Roadside Assistance


800 77607


Dealer Updates

800 -50002

The safety and well-being of everyone in our Cadillac family is always top priority. We’re monitoring the ongoing situation and as things evolve, it’s our promise to keep you informed and be here for you every step of the way.

Thank you for your loyalty.

  1. Offer is valid for those with warranties expiring between March 1st 2020 & May 31st 2020 and whose mileage has not exceeded 100,000 km.
  2. Costs associated with your vehicle repair are not included within free RSA and will be quoted by your respective dealer. Dealer quotations are subject to locations being operational contact your local customer care line for more details
  3. Ends May 30th 2020
  4. Offer is subjected to Laws and Regulations