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OTE is the exclusive dealer for Cadillac in Oman. With 25 years of presence in Oman, the OTE Group upholds traditional Omani values of fairness, entrepreneurship and above all, genuine respect for people. The OTE motto “Symbol of Care” is reflected in every aspect of how we conduct our business. Walk into any of our multiple showrooms and service centers across Oman and you will be assisted by professional and knowledgeable advisors who will ensure your satisfaction. It is our promise of “Care” that inspires us to offer the most premium aftersales and ownership experience for our customers. After all, with a brand like Cadillac, you deserve the finest!

Our customers at Oman can experience the latest and the best from the Cadillac stable. Our portfolio is comprehensive and we offer the complete line of Cadillac cars along with a wide range of colors, trim as well as engine options. With our in-house finance organization, owning a Cadillac becomes a matter of your simple decision- thus no matter what your heart desires, there is always the right Cadillac model awaiting you at our dealership.

Our specialist leasing operation partner, Vehicle leasing Company also provides opportunities for long-term leasing, short-term leasing and daily rentals of Cadillac cars.

We invite you to experience the world of Cadillac… step into our showroom or contact us today.